So, the past year has been, erm, interesting for us all, to say the least.

The wedding, event and hospitality industry has taking a beating, however, I'm still here, still taking bookings and still wanting to get back out and do what I've done for the past 15 years of my life!

Ok, so moving dates; last year saw 41 of the 48 weddings I had booked in move, and unfortunately, 2021 brides are beginning to move too. This means that dates across the board for the next few years are filling fast.

So, what am I asking of you? If you wish to move a date, please, please, get in touch with "us" - and by us I mean, myself, your videographer, your cake maker, your car company etc etc - and make a little table, and grab a couple of dates from your venue, linking who can do which dates etc, before settling on a new date with your venue.

Once you have your new date settled, let me know and I'll send over a new booking form for you. - Now, we're asking on a voluntary basis, for you to pay again, your booking fee for your new date, BUT this will come off your final bill. eg. £995 was your total bill, you've paid a £150 booking fee for a 2021 wedding, and £150 booking fee for a 2022 wedding. Your balance due before your wedding date is now £695. Again, this is a 100% voluntary, but it will help towards 2021.

As always, keep in touch!

ps. I'll post a list of booked-dates below over the next few days.

pps. >>> Just my Son on his sledge last week, just because! >>>

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